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How It Works

Generates Patients

Generates Patients

When people search for health related questions in your town, your ChiroQuestions site will show up. This allows you to directly convert new patients. We do the marketing for you!

Simplifies Education

Simplifies Education

Patient education has never been easier! By answering peoples' questions online you'll generate new patients and dramatically improve your retention rates. You'll also save lots of time.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

All you have to do is login and answer questions. We'll take care of all the programming, installation, and marketing. You sit back and reap the benefits!

Improves Search Rank

Improves Search Rank

ChiroQuestions also includes SEO Boost technology, which rockets your site to the top of search engines. This attracts more traffic and generates patients.

Grow Your Practice

Chiropractic Marketing ChiroQuestions

Why do our clients receive 200-300% more traffic and convert more patients than other chiropractors? The answer is simple: we understand every facet of the internet and we know how to engage patients.

Stop wasting your time with companies that offer empty promises. Our product achieves consistent, measurable results.

We'll take care of the hard work, you take care of the patients.


SEO Boost Technology

Our Growing Clinic and Marketing Dominator packages now include SEO Boost technology, which pushes your ChiroQuestions page to the top of Google's search results. SEO Boost is an exclusive search engine marketing system and cannot be purchased anywhere else, it includes:

- Powerful backlinks that improve your rank
- Search engine optimized meta tags
- Questions automatically ping search engines
- Traffic monitoring software
- And much more!

This technology was developed by an exclusive team of search engine marketing experts and is only available through ChiroQuestions.

Click the button below to learn more about SEO Boost Basic and SEO Boost Pro.
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Prices and Ordering

Small Clinics
This entry-level package is designed for small clinics who want to experiment with ChiroQuestions. It is ideal for patient education and long-term community outreach. This package includes all of our basic service, a custom domain name, and guarantees 5 new questions per month.

Growing Clinics
Our most popular package includes SEO Boost Basic and guarantees at least 15 new questions every month. It also includes customizable colors.

Market Dominators
This is the single most powerful chiropractic marketing service on the internet. It includes SEO Boost Pro, at least 30 new questions per month, complete email marketing, a chiropractic video library, and custom branding.
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“Any search term I can think of, for a variety of conditions now not only gets me the top slot in my local area, but often the top three or four slots!

Keywords like “whiplash,” “sports injury,” and “hip pain” all put me at the top. Ahead of other chiropractors. Ahead of medical doctors. Ahead of physical therapists. Ahead of the various huge directories such as the yellow pages. TOP SPOT!

Now the only thing that I have to do is make sure that you don’t give out your secrets to my competitors!”

William O’Donnell D.C.

“The addition of the Q&A portion of our website really sets us apart as the experts in our area.”

Rob McKnight D.C.

“ChiroQuestion’s Q&A system is easy to use. It improves my public image and increases my visibility in searches.”

Josh Koenig D.C.

“ChiroQuestions is amazing. You literally saved my clinic, thank you!!”

Michael Warren D.C.

“As the marketing director at ChiroHosting I run into a lot of neat marketing tools, but this is one of the best!”

Roderick Campbell